Over the dozens of years of combined stock and options trading experience, the folks operting MD Live found strength in numbers.  Diversity is a wonderful gift - and hundreds of brains and sets of eyes are far better than one.  But there's more than magic in the air when you add technical analysis specialists, pattern traders, fundamental traders and all manner of day/swing/postition traders in a room together sharing trade ideas, educating each other on new strategies and a dash of committed staff to curate the experience.  With our alerts and your new-found skills and education hanging from our trees, you're sure to learn how to master the market.  Its as easy as Chat, Learn, Play, Win & Retire. 


There's zero risk to spending 10 days with us and learning -- we dont even ask for your card until your ready to subscribe!

Stop dreaming. Start doing.

The only way to win is to play.  Come learn new strategies with a community of traders and win as a team. 


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